The Most Important Gift You Can Give This Christmas

If you could give the perfect gift to someone, what would it be? Something you know they’ll remember. If you’re like me, you spend a good amount of time trying to find just the right gift to make that person smile.

the most important gift

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all thinking of ways to make our loved ones feel valued; all searching for that perfect gift—many of us in the wrong places.

The Perfect Gift

At Christmas, more than ever, we’re willing to spend money; willing to pay a little extra to see a face light up. But as free as we are with our wallets, there’s another currency we clutch even more tightly—one more valuable than gold: our time.

Time: this precious, finite treasure; this dimension we can’t capture, can’t contain—this currency we can’t create and can’t alter. Do we realize its value? To spend on another what we will never regain is a gift of most intrinsic worth.

Underestimating Time

So often, we underestimate the value of our own time. We don’t understand how much it means to others, and we take the march of life for granted, as if it will always continue.

During the holidays, time feels more lacking than ever—and perhaps it’s then that it’s most important to give it away.

When we give of our time, the value is immeasurable and the reward incredible. When you make time to spend with someone, they feel precious, appreciated, loved. What better gift could you give?

The Reward of Giving Time

There’s something more about the gift of time: it rewards the giver, time and again. By giving of your time you:

  • Deepen your relationship
  • Form a strong, authentic connection
  • Are able to receive the joy of sharing the most priceless commodity on earth
  • Open the door for unexpected treasures

This Christmas, I want to challenge you to make time for the people you love. Don’t put a price tag on it. Live. Breathe. Open your life to the opportunity for unexpected beauty to rise from everyday places and conversations.

10 Ways to Be Generous With Your Time

Instead of focusing on creating a flawless Christmas, make the choice to be free; unbound from expectations and schedules. You can begin giving your time by:

  • Calling a friend
  • Baking something together
  • Sitting around the table and talking
  • Turning off your phone and playing a game
  • Working on a project together
  • Going on a date with your spouse/significant other
  • Inviting a friend to your home
  • Being open to interruptions
  • Going shopping together
  • Giving them the opportunity to choose something to do

Be free with your time. Don’t hesitate to give away the most valuable thing you have. You never know how much it will mean to someone.

Let’s chat!

  • Do you struggle with giving away your time? What’s holding you back?
  • What is your favorite memory of the time you spent with someone during the holidays?
  • What are some ways you like to give of your time?
  • What would you like someone to spend time doing with you?

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6 thoughts on “The Most Important Gift You Can Give This Christmas

  1. Thanks for this, Emily. Sometimes I spend so much time looking for the perfect gift that I forget how much someone else’s time means to me; so why shouldn’t I give that gift as well? It is truly the perfect gift to ever give someone you care about.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ashley! I totally understand. I’m a perfectionist with gift-giving also, but this year, I’ve really seen the value of time more than anything. I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

  2. I try my hardest around holidays especially to spend time with those I love. I’m clearing my schedule to make sure I can. I love spending time with family and friends on Christmas. My best friend is coming for New Years and we’re opening each other’s gifts with each other then so it’s going to be like second Christmas. ^ ^

    • That’s awesome, Victoria! Hope you have a great time with your friend. (:

      You know, one of the things about spending time with others that makes it so wonderful is that the benefit is mutual. I find that I almost always enjoy it as much as the other person.

    • I have, and yes they do relate. If you know someone’s love language, you can really be intentional about how you choose to spend time with them. It’s a great thing to know about your friends and family.