5 Goals for “Doing Less” This Fall

Our society is obsessed with being busy. So obsessed, in fact that we often feel guilty when we’re not running at top speed to keep up with everything and everyone. And what’s crazier—after all of this, we demand even more of ourselves. It’s no wonder we’re never satisfied, because, perhaps, what we need is not more, but less.


Everywhere you look, people are busy; busy with work, school, errands—necessities. But we’re also busy with other, more trivial things, like keeping up with the latest trends on Twitter and Facebook. Endless scrolling fills our days, eating up our time and eventually overwhelming us. We’re drowning in a world of TMI and a need to keep up 24/7. Such a fast pace eventually drags even the best of us into exhaustion and sometimes even depression.

7 Myths About Creative People

As humans, we often have a hard time embracing our creative identity. In fact, we sometimes believe we aren’t creative at all, and that such talents only belong to other people.

myths creative

We’re quick to form a picture of what makes someone “creative”. We put lables on people who live creative lifestyles; sometimes positive, sometimes negative, and then we limit ourselves to believing they are the only ones capable of living that way. If we want to break into the realm of Wonder, these myths about creativity need to die.

Embracing the Unexpected: Life in the Perilous Realm

Let’s admit it: life is crazy. Downright unpredictable. We live in a wide, wondrous, dangerous world swirling with mysteries; spinning with possibilities, endless and pulsing with life. It draws us deeper, seeking adventure, and yet we fear to enter the Perilous Realm, because we want to be certain.


Every day, we tangle with mysteries; brush with the unexpected. And most days, we resist it. We cling to our plans and expectations, pushing away the hidden gems of possibility because we fear the unknown and hate the unexpected. And sometimes I wonder: What would happen if we embraced it?

5 Ways Perfectionism Attacks Your Creativity

I don’t know about you, but I’m a perfectionist. I’ll often spend more time analyzing my work than I do actually working. (Oh hey, I’m doing it right now with these opening sentences. What a great start.)


If you’re a perfectionist, don’t feel bad. You have great qualities, such as diligence, loyalty, and a desire for excellence. We need people like you and I in this world, but as perfectionists, we’ve got to learn how to manage our gifts, lest they become a hindrance.

6 Practices of Powerful People

When I look around at people I admire, a certain word comes to mind: powerful. These are great people: influencers, leaders; people worthy of respect. These are the people I aspire to be like, and so I started pondering the question: “What makes someone truly powerful?”

powerful people

When I say “power”, I’m not talking about authority or force, but strength. Impact. Security. The people I admire most have a sense of personal identity and strength of character that makes them stand out, and today I want to talk about six habits I’ve noticed that all these great influencers have in common.

7 Characteristics of an Incandescent Romance

Strong, lasting relationships are underrated in our society. It’s not uncommon to see young people who like the idea of dating more than they actually like being in a relationship. Why? Because relationships take work. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices—and that’s one aspect of love we don’t like to face.

incandescent romance

We like things to be comfortable. Easy. Predictable. All of which relationships aren’t. The minute a challenge arises, or the other person does something to hurt your feelings and you realize they are imperfect, the solution our culture presents is to run away. And that solution works great—if you don’t want anything to last, ever.