6 Ways Reading Fiction Will Inspire You to Live Bigger

In this culture, we’re okay with living small. We don’t like risks—especially if those risks may end up costing or hurting us. It’s scary to step out too far, so we rarely do. Living small is comfortable.


It’s difficult to break out of the mediocrity of small living: the comfort zone. Yet deep down, we long for more. For adventure. We thirst for a bigger purpose, and so we turn to stories.

Top 10 Underrated Soundtracks for Creative Inspiration

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of soundtracks, both from movies and video games. I love the scope they provide for the imagination. Especially for writers of fiction, soundtracks can provide a great creative boost.


I’ve shared some of my favorite scores in the past, but today, I did a little more digging through my files (and good old YouTube) to find some more obscure—yet underrated music. These are some of the best of the best that you’ve probably never heard of, so get ready to enjoy!

Interview: Eric Johnson, Writer and Producer of “Ella”

Hey, everyone!

Today I’m excited to bring you guys an interview with Eric Johnson, the writer and producer of the newly released miniseries, Ella.


Hi, Eric! Welcome to Dreaming Hobbit! Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

 Thanks! I appreciate it! I’m a 19 year old filmmaker from Minnesota, and I’m planning on graduating from college this December.

The Fatal Flaw in Christian Characters

My friend, Braden over at The Storymonger recently wrote a very good, thought-provoking post about a very prevalent issue. Something I’ve been thinking about, myself, actually. See, there is a big, underlying problem with Christian media.


Likewise, there is a big problem with Christian characters.

Now, I’m not talking about characters who happen to be Christians. I’m referring to the people who live in these stereotypical Christian stories. In fact, the characters are one of these stories’ weakest points.

10 Reasons Why Cinderella is Worth Your Money

The story of Cinderella is one of the most well-known of all time. We’ve probably all seen or read one version or another. For most of us, it was likely a childhood staple. Personally, I associate it with Kool-Aid. (I know, it’s weird.) One of my clearest childhood memories is of sitting on an air-bed on my grandma’s living room floor as a five-year-old with my closest cousin, watching the animated version of Cinderella. We had Kool-Aid. Red, to be exact. Not that that’s important or anything. But maybe it is.


Growing up, I’d seen a few different renditions of the old classic, and part of me was not surprised when the latest remake of the story came out this month. What did surprise me was how much I was hearing about it. The excitement building up amongst my group of friends in the days before the film released was enormous. I wondered why, because obviously, there have been many remakes of Cinderella before. And to me, they were all pretty much the same.

However, I was curious, and sort of liked the idea of returning to my five-year-old self for an afternoon (don’t judge), so Sam and I went to see last weekend after it came out.  I was rather impressed, actually, and found myself giving it four stars. This is one that’s definitely worth seeing in theaters.

Interview: Bear Hanrahan from GoodBear Media

Hi, everybody! I’m excited to be hosting my good friend, Bear Hanrahan from GoodBear Media in an interview today. As an entrepreneur in the world of film, Bear is here to share with us his passion for good cinematography, along with a few tips for beginners. I can’t wait for you to hear what he has to say! 


Hi, Bear! Welcome to Dreaming Hobbit! Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! Thanks for doing this interview. Well, I’m a filmmaker and photographer from Nixa, I’m just about to graduate high school, and I really like indie music.

The Fault in Our Stars: Movie Review

So I went and watched a romance movie. I know, I know; normally I’m not one for movies (or books) where romance is the chief focus. Many of them seem rather superficial, in my opinion, but recently, I decided to watch The Fault in Our Stars. Yes, for the first time. But better late than never, right?


In a Sentence: Two terminally ill people fall in love, and learn that while love is a risk, it is a risk worth taking; and that sacrifices are worth making.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Movie Rating: PG-13 due to romantic content and language


Contains spoilers: proceed at own risk.