How Embracing Minimalism Can Enhance Your Creativity

Did you know?—clutter is killing your creativity. Little by little, it accumulates in corners, files, and even in the recesses of your own mind, draining away your creative well with distractions until you’re left feeling helpless, frustrated, and completely burned out.


I’ve talked before about simplicity, and how it is not the same thing as minimalism. However, it is not uncommon for minimalism to become part of living a simplistic lifestyle. The truth is, these two often walk hand in hand, and today I want to talk about a few ways that minimalism, specifically, can help to rejuvenate and enhance your creativity.

The Internet and Addiction

The internet is an integral part of our world today. It enables us to obtain knowledge, maintain connection with friends and family, and, for many of us, it plays a huge role in our daily work routine. However, for all its incredible benefits, the internet can be a slippery slope to navigate.


In a society constantly buzzing with motion and information, we’ve become dependent—sometimes to an unhealthy extent—on technology. We have smart phones, laptops, iPads, and more, all within arm’s reach at all times, and this level of dependency often turns out to be more of a hindrance than a help—especially when it comes to functional creativity.

3 Strategies to Help You Avoid Creative Burnout

If you’ve ever felt creative burnout, you know how much it sucks. Especially if creativity is something you love and thrive on. Being outside your creative flow is like gasping for breath, really—the breath of your soul.


The trouble is, sometimes, the more you chase creativity, the farther away it feels. That’s why it’s important to learn how to avoid burnout in the first place—(yes, it really is possible)—and today I want to share three strategies to help you.

16 Ways to De-Stress This Holiday Season

No time of year is busier than the holidays. Never are we more pressured to keep up and stay on top of things than now, when it feels as if the very world is spinning faster than on those lazy, summer days not far gone.


There are parties to host, and travel plans to finalize; gifts to purchase, wrap, and give. Our to-do lists grow, and sanity slips away. During the holidays, when we feel the most strain, it’s important to take time to de-stress.

A Letter for When You Feel Like a Failure

Dear friend,

If you’re here, reading this, you’ve probably said to yourself, “I can’t.” You’ve probably felt like that thing you’re going after is too big to achieve, and that maybe you aren’t the person to do it. You’ve felt like a failure.

A Letter for When

I’ve been there. Quite recently, as a matter of fact. I’ve felt discouraged, inadequate, and overwhelmed, just like you. We all have. It’s a part of life that we all face, and even if you don’t feel that way right now, you will sometime, and I want you to remember something: That thing you care about—it matters. You matter. And even when you feel that you may not be the person to do it, you are. Because you care.

Thinking Inside the Box: How Boundaries Enhance Creativity

As creatives, we like to pride ourselves on the breadth and stamina of our magnificent imaginations. If you’re anything like me, you thrive on exploring new possibilities and concepts; in fact, you’d do it all day. You’re excellent at the exploring part, but then you’ve got to do the work.

boundaries and creativity

Things suddenly seem less appealing, and all of those exciting ideas you had just a few moments ago swirl into a wave of overwhelm. Before you know it, you’re swimming in more than you can handle.