3 Important Things to Invest in Your Relationship

Relationships are an investment: the more you put into them, the stronger and more valuable they become. This is why it’s important to invest consistently and purposefully. If you don’t, your connection will suffer.

invest relationship

Our generation’s mentality towards dating requires very little investment, and it’s no wonder we don’t value our relationships the way we should. Generosity isn’t a popular mindset, but perhaps it’s time we started cultivating it better. I want to challenge you to invest in three specific areas of your relationship.

5 Ways to Make Your Next Coffee Date the Best Ever

I’m a big fan of coffee: the taste, the aroma, the cozy warmth. Coffee is the bomb. And you know what’s better than coffee alone? Coffee with a friend.

coffee date

As an introvert, getting out and socializing is usually very low on my list of priorities. I like my alone-time. I sometimes forget to make time for my friends, which is bad, and I’m trying to get better because they deserve to be a priority. And grabbing coffee together is a simple way to reconnect and catch up.

Is Hustle Killing Your Relationship?

As hard-working creative people, it’s easy to get caught up in our own minds and our own pursuits; our own lives. We succumb easily to the pressure that tells us to push ourselves to work harder and hustle more, because that’s what it takes to succeed, right?

Is Hustle Killing

Sometimes this pressure becomes so much that we actually feel guilty for needing a break. We tell ourselves we’re getting behind if we aren’t constantly working, and we push ourselves almost to the breaking point. And without even realizing it, we push out the people who matter the most.

5 Things to Do While You’re Still Single

In our culture, we have varying views on singleness. Some people thrive during their single years, perfectly content and happy, while others act as if being single is some kind of disease. If you’re in the second camp, waiting for a relationship to bring purpose to your life, I hope this post will encourage you.


We spend so much time waiting for the next thing. Destination happiness is a rampant mindset in our culture, and it’s destroying our ability to live joyfully on the journey. Many singles are plagued by this mindset, but I want to encourage you—if you’re single—to rebel against that and simply enjoy where you are.

4 Relationship Myths YA Has Taught Girls to Believe

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of romance stories—especially YA. Even as a teenager, I rarely took pleasure in excessive shipping and romantic subplots. Sure, thoughts of cute boys and relationships were attractive and all, but I couldn’t help feeling something was missing.


As I grew up, watched friends start dating, and eventually met my own boyfriend, I realized what it was—that void: truth; realism. Almost every YA novel I’d read had set me up with completely false expectations for what a relationship was really like.

5 Tips for Navigating a Long-Distance Relationship

Sam and I were long-distance for the first nine months of our relationship, and let me be the first to say, long-distance relationships are a struggle. It’s hard to go weeks or even months without seeing each other—especially if there’s no end in sight. Miles can wear on your relationship, so it’s important to be intentional about cultivating connection in spite of distance.


Despite the hardships of being separated physically, we learned a great deal from our period of distance—most notably, the importance of communication. To put it another way: when talking is all you have, you get really good at it. Couples who have learned to communicate well will be much more likely to develop strong, lasting relationships, so today I want to share a few tips to help you navigate what can be a bit of a rocky road.

The Lost Art of Honor–And Why We Need it Back

When you hear the word “honor”, what comes to mind? Stories, perhaps: great heroes. The privilege given to people of status? Or maybe just a medieval idea that belongs with knights and creeds and princesses and all that.


The more I look around at our society today, the more I see what honor has become: a lost art. So many of our generation have so little regard for others outside of casual interactions, and this lack of respect—of honor—is blowing holes in our ability to form strong relationships, whether with our partners, friends, or family members.