3 Ways Bullet Journaling Can Boost Your Creativity

If you’re not familiar with the concept of bullet journaling, allow me to introduce you. I started my bullet journal back in April, and while I hit a rocky patch in June/July where I kind of fell off the bandwagon, I’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s an exercise I highly recommend for creatives.

If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle with keeping a journal. Even if you’re an obsessive planner and tracker, finding a method that suits you can be difficult. If you’re a creative, constantly submerged in new ideas and chasing squirrels, it can be especially hard to limit distractions and focus on your priorities. If this sounds like you, stick around; bullet journaling might just be your saving grace.

3 Ways Bullet Journaling Boosts Creativity


There are plenty of organizational methods out there. I know; I’ve tried them. Everything from sticky-notes, to OneNote, to layers of carefully-coded folders on my desktop. Every time I tried something new, it was only a matter of time before it felt scattered beyond repair.

The beauty of bullet journaling is that it allows you to keep all of your most critical information in one place. Imagine—only needing to rely on a single system. For a detailed step-by-step outline of the process, check out this video.

When you’re able to not only get organized, but stay that way, your creativity will receive a giant boost.


As I mentioned in my previous post on bullet journaling, one of the things that first piqued my interest was the creative aspect. One only needs to look as far as Instagram to see all the amazing, fun ways bullet journaling can be tailored to suit your personality and needs. (Here’s mine!)

Getting into the habit of doing at least one small creative activity each day is a good way to keep the stream from growing stagnant. And since it can take as little as five minutes, bullet journaling is a great way to go—especially if you’re in a busy season.


One of the things we all struggle with is time management. Our digital age is rife with distractions looking to snatch our attention and suck away what precious free time we have. Bullet journaling is a fantastic way to fight back and maintain clarity about your priorities, because we all know that what doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done.

Priorities are important—especially when it comes to creativity. Want to find time to work on your novel? Prioritize it. How about putting together those crafts for the craft fair next month? Block out an hour each evening to work on them.

When you’re able to get clear and disciplined about your priorities, you’ll find the time you need to create.

Your Challenge

Today I want to challenge you: if you’ve been thinking about starting a bullet journal but haven’t—get on it! Chances are, you already have everything you need. So, what are you waiting for?

Create the first few pages of your own bullet journal and then share pictures on Instagram with the hashtags #BeatingBusy and #MyIncandescentLife. You can also tag me @emi1y_morgan. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Let’s chat!

  • Do you have a bullet journal? How have you used it?
  • What is your single biggest struggle when it comes to managing your time?
  • How have you found that staying organized helps boost your creativity?

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