Are You a Consumer or a Creator?

In our fast-paced, high-tech world, becoming a Consumer is easier than ever before. Being a Creator? That’s a little more complicated.


On one hand, modern technology enables creativity like never before; on the other hand, it can become a massive roadblock. The struggle to live a vibrantly creative life against a noise-filled backdrop of distractions is constant, and often frustrating. Despite all the modern convinces, creating sometimes feels like an up-hill battle—and we find ourselves trapped in the mindset of consumerism.

The Mindset of a Consumer

Every day, you’re presented with a thousand opportunities to consume more: more media, more information, more negativity—always, more of something. The rising cacophony of distraction is deafening in the First World, and if you aren’t intentional, you can become a Consumer instead of a Creator.

Quite frequently, Consumers:

  • Have an extremely high, even constant intake of media, entertainment, and useless stimuli
  • Continually rush through life in a mad dash to achieve or acquire “the next thing”
  • Suffer from acute internet and social media addiction
  • Are not very productive, and as a result, do not produce much
  • Are self-focused

The mindset of a Consumer is a common one. In fact, we all have days when we’re more of Consumers than Creators. That’s part of the struggle. It’s part of the daily fight to live a passionately creative life in a distraction-fraught world.

The Mindset of a Creator

Today, just like every other day, you have endless opportunities to create things: memories, ideas, art, stories, music. But always, the sneaking thief of Distraction is lurking, waiting to steal you away into the realm of Consumerism and Unproductivity. It’s up to you to fight him off by choosing to enter the mindset of a Creator—who you were made to be.

Unlike Consumers, Creators:

  • Spend time exploring, imagining, and broadening their minds through intentional learning
  • Are careful to create whitespace in their lives to avoid informational overload/overwhelm
  • Slow down, pursue Wonder, and make tangible memories that will influence and color their art
  • Are thoughtful and productive
  • Limit their exposure to distractions (such as Netflix and Facebook)
  • Are others-oriented

Most of you have probably experienced the surge of excitement, joy, and Wonder that fills the mind of a Creator. You’ve felt the high of creativity, the thrill of entering a new world. It’s the most magical thing known to man.

You’ve been there, but perhaps not for a while. Maybe you’ve been grinding through life as a Consumer, devoured by distractions and exhausted by too much noise. Well, friend, there’s hope.

Your Challenge

If you’ve been struggling with a Consumer mindset, I want to challenge you to do two things right now—today.

  1. Turn off your internet and sit in silence for fifteen minutes, maybe outside if it’s sunny. And just breathe. Just think. Let your mind wander and wonder.
  2. After fifteen minutes have passed (not before, not during), take out a notebook (not your computer), and write down what stood out to you. It could be something you saw, heard, thought, or felt. The point is to clear your mind and let Wonder shine her light into the shadows.

You might not notice a sudden burst of creativity after one time, but then again, you might. If you’ve done it once, I want to challenge you to do it again—every day this week. This is the fight, after all. Are you in?

Let’s chat!

  • Do you tend to find yourself in the mindset of a Creator or a Consumer?
  • What is the biggest obstacle you face when trying to enter the mindset of a Creator?
  • In what setting do you find yourself most relaxed and free to wonder?

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Consumer or a Creator?

  1. You’re so right! Not having an outside-the-home job, it’s REALLY hard to motivate myself to do any actual work, and Instagram is a major temptation. But I’m consistently finding that when I end a day of loafing around on the Internet, I’m irritable and frustrated, and it’s hard to get to sleep. On the other hand, at the finish of a day of working hard, checking things off my to-do list, and saying no to temptation, I’m happy and don’t actually miss the time I didn’t spend on the Internet. And after all the work, I’m actually tired enough to fall asleep 🙂

    • Oh yes! Days of productivity are so much better and more fulfilling than days of loafing around. Every single time.

      And I completely understand the in-home lack of motivation at times. I work from home frequently, and it’s sometimes harder to stay on track than when I’m in the office. That’s where motivation and limiting distractions is absolutely key. Thanks so much for commenting!