Wonderology: The Purpose of Wonder

I want to take a little while to make a study of Wonder. What is its purpose? The purpose of reaching out to the fringes of your mind and searching for answers to questions that whisper in the silence? Why this grand adventure?


We were made to wonder; made for awe, for inspiration. Indeed, we were created to create—to explore, to discover, and to make an attempt at understanding and communicating the depth and the richness of our magnificent world. Yet the value—the purpose of Wonder goes much deeper than we imagine.

Into the Perilous Realm

We’ve all read about the Perilous Realm in stories. Its portrayal is one of the reasons fiction has such power and influence, because this realm is real. We’re surrounded by it every day: It’s Life.

Wonder does not allow for small living. Instead, it demands we step out of the familiar and into the strange, that we might live fuller, brighter, and more powerful lives. Wonder—this pursuit of answers; of truth—is meant to draw us out of our comfort zone and into the Perilous Realm. This is the purpose: adventure. After all, what would life be if there was nothing to wonder at?

Coming Outside Ourselves

Part of the beauty of Wonder is that it forces us to come outside of ourselves—to see the world and the purpose beyond our tiny bubble of security. It allows us to touch, to breathe, to experience inspiration in the way it was meant: dangerously. It is, after all, not a tame beast.

This realization that Wonder and Inspiration are not domesticated for our personal use, but rather, magnificent created entities to be interacted with gives us a sense of purpose beyond ourselves. It is a clue—a bread crumb on the quest to understand our place in this world. When we come out of our own bubble and enter the Perilous Realm, we can begin to glimpse the true purpose of Wonder.

The Link from Creation to Creator

Wonder is wild. It’s wild because it’s the revelation of something more incredible still—the Maker of it all. It’s the link between we, the created, and God, our Creator. This, I think, is the ultimate purpose of Wonder: to draw us nearer to the One who made us; the One who breathed into our souls the thirst for beauty.

God placed Wonder in our lives so that, by interacting with it, we might see Him—in the flame that creeps along the edge of a leaf in fall; in the breath of the wind that blows naked the trees; in the soft whisper of the rain—we might glimpse the Father of Inspiration. And we might be inspired.

So let me ask you: have you wondered today?

Let’s chat!

  • How has wonder inspired or impacted your life recently?
  • What things have you been pondering recently?
  • How has God used the pursuit of Wonder to draw you nearer to Him?

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