Wonderology: The Power of Wonder

We’ve discussed the purpose of Wonder. Now it’s time to talk about the power of Wonder. Its presence is all around us, every day, stirring us; demanding to be felt. Without it, our souls would be parched, unable to create.


The power of Wonder is magnetic, yet somehow intimidating. It’s magical, and yet to fully embrace it—to allow it to carry you into the Perilous Realm—is terrifying, because if you are going to dare to wonder, you must also be ready to let go. After all, this is the call of something wild.

Seeing in Color

It’s easy to go through life in black and white. It’s comfortable; safe; controllable: an illusion. But when we choose to connect with Wonder, color splashes the canvas as our eyes are opened. Suddenly, the world is ablaze with new perspective. Life. Inspiration. Power.

This thread of Wonder is, I think, what God uses to reveal Himself to us. He painted the world with color—if only we are willing to open our eyes and see it, the power to understand and create is ours. But if we refuse the mystery—if we stay confined to our black and white comfort zone, our art will be powerless.

The Fuel of Creativity

Without the power of Wonder, creativity would never be born. If no one ever dared to wonder, where would we be? The Stone Age, perhaps? Wonder advances our world. It gives us the perspective we need to try new things, to reach out, to take risks and make earth-shattering discoveries. Wonder, more than anything, gives us hope for the future. And when we have hope, we create.

When we wonder—when we truly quiet our spirits and look around; sense its presence in the everyday: the presence of God—we find ourselves with the power to wield the magic of creativity. To communicate with others; to paint a picture of life, and of hope. The cycle of Wonder, Inspiration, and Hope is one of endless beauty.

The Fear of Wonder

But there’s always the question: If Wonder is so magnificent, why is it that we as adults sometimes shy away from it? What is it we fear? Why the hesitation to plunge into the Perilous Realm?

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Wonder is its ability to bring us face to face with our finite existence. It forces us to acknowledge our smallness in the vast realm of infinity—and that, I think, is why we fear it. We do not like to feel small. We do not like to feel as if there’s something out there we can’t control. Yet, it is this realization that demonstrates our need to reconnect with our Creator.

When we dare to Wonder, we dare to make ourselves vulnerable. We dare to stare into space and truly feel the limits of our humanity. We dare to face the fact that our time is short and that there’s more to life than what’s on the surface. And it’s at that moment, I think, that we truly dare to live.

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  • How have you experienced the power of Wonder in your life?
  • What makes you feel small?
  • Why do you think it’s important to take the dare and Wonder?

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