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Nobody wants to be influenced by negative people. People obsessed with offense, complaining, and griping are just not fun to be around—not to mention the block this negativity puts on the flow of Wonder and creativity.


When we dwell in a negative mindset, surrounded by negative people, the things we create lose their power. After all, the purpose of creativity is to bring hope where there is hopelessness, and beauty where there are ashes. The purpose is to have a positive impact—but how can we create that in a world so enveloped in negativity?

The Gratitude Advantage

One of my favorite bloggers and influencers, Michael Hyatt talks about a concept he calls “the gratitude advantage”. In a series of posts, he discusses how giving thanks gives us an edge—and a new perspective.

Gratitude leads us to feel happier and more fulfilled by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Shielding us from negativity
  • Strengthening our relationships
  • Improving our health

I’d say that’s a pretty huge advantage—wouldn’t you?

A Habit of Gratitude

If we want to create a positive impact on those around us, we’ve got to start by cultivating a mindset of gratitude within ourselves. This begins when we make a choice—the choice to see; to open our eyes to Wonder. When we allow ourselves to intertwine with the mystery; to be pulled from our world into the Perilous Realm, we glimpse a vision of greater truth. And this truth, if we let it, will drive us to give thanks.

In her book, One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp calls this flow—the cycle of Wonder and Thanksgiving “eucharisteo”. It’s the endless breath of our souls. Inhale: beauty, wonder. Exhale: creativity, thankfulness. Developing this habit will not only allow you the power to impact others in a positive manner, but it will enable you to live a life more incandescent than you can imagine.

Your Challenge

Right now, where you’re sitting, I want to challenge you to make a list of ten things you’re thankful for—immediately in this moment. Look around. Breathe. See. Exhale.

Here’s mine:

  1. Music: it’s awe-inspiring beauty
  2. Warm blankets on a cold evening
  3. Good stories; heroes
  4. Raindrops on the windowpane
  5. My wonderful, smart, caring husband
  6. The roll of thunder
  7. Writing—the blank pages that never stop listening
  8. Conversations that plow beneath the surface into what really matters
  9. Artists who take the dare and enter the Perilous Realm
  10. Wonder—how it connects us to God

Remember, the impact you have is a direct result of where you choose to place your focus. So why not make it positive?

Let’s chat!

  • What are ten things you’re thankful for? Share them in the comments!
  • How have people with a positive mindset impacted you?
  • How has the “gratitude advantage” played a role in your life? What is an example of how being thankful has helped you be more positive?

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