The Secret to Finding Happiness in 2016

Being happy sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s something we all desire: something we search for constantly—yet somehow it seems to elude us.


Maddened and discouraged, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush to find happiness; this race to build the perfect life. Happiness is a popular destination that few ever seem to really reach. Because what if this mad rush isn’t carrying you toward happiness at all—but away?

The Marketing of Happiness

We live in a society that likes to sell happiness. We like to package products and create ads saying “Once you buy this, or do this program, or get this makeover, you will be happy.” Only you won’t. Because there’s always just one more thing—just one more stop on a road that never really ends.

And society isn’t the only place happiness is marketed in a packaged deal: we do it ourselves. “If I can just achieve this, or become that, or accomplish this goal, I’ll be happy,” we tell ourselves. And it’s a lie.

Don’t Focus on the Destination: You Can’t See That Far

The consequence of living in the future is that you’re not really living at all, but merely existing. Waiting. Wondering. Hoping happiness really does exist in the next place. And the next. And the next.

When does it end?

The truth? It doesn’t. Happiness is not a destination; not something one achieves or a place you finally arrive at. Happiness is always a choice—no matter where you are on the journey.

The Secret to Finding Happiness

It’s simple, really, happiness. Joy. And yet we find it so difficult to accept—the fact that we have only to choose. We’re so busy trying to achieve it that we forget we have only to open our hand and take it. Whenever.

And that’s the secret, dear friend: that happiness lies, not in the next place, but wherever you choose to see it. Even on hard days, there is beauty that nothing can touch. Joy. The Choice. It’s yours, right now—always.

Where Are You Searching?

So where are you looking? What has your focus? Today I want you to look around and make note of the simple things that make you smile. You have the ability to choose a life of happiness in 2016, so why don’t you do it?

Don’t let yourself get caught in the fast lane; always racing for a destination that doesn’t exist. Slow down. Choose. This is your life, so live it all the way.

Let’s chat!

  • Are you caught in the fast lane? How has it affected your ability to find joy?
  • What are some things that make you happy every day?
  • How do you go about intentionally choosing joy in your life?

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4 thoughts on “The Secret to Finding Happiness in 2016

  1. I’d also add that the secret to finding happiness is through Christ Himself! 🙂 After all, man’s chief end in life is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.(Psalm 145) Great post Emily!

    • Very true. Through Him we are able to look around and see the beauty of the things He’s given us. If it weren’t for Him, those small things would be meaningless.

  2. Oh, I love this post. Finding happiness NOW is something I’ve been working on, and it’s been amazing to find beauty in the little things even when my world turns upside down.

    Also, do you take the pictures in your posts yourself? They’re beautiful!

    • Thanks, Victoria! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. (:

      No, I don’t. I wish I could say I did, but I get them from a couple of free stock-photo sites. They are beautiful, though! Those sites are my best friends when it comes to graphic design. 😉