8 Reasons Why You Should be Reading More Books

Stephen King said: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” And you know—it’s true. There’s nothing quite like slipping under a warm blanket and losing yourself in a forest of pages; nothing like settling in and inhaling the faint musty smell of timeless thought.

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All too often, though, the magic of reading is pushed aside. We get caught up in all sorts of other things, and instead of making time to open a book, we make excuses. Mary McLeod Bethune said that “The whole world opened up to me when I learned to read”, and I wonder if perhaps—by neglecting books, we may be closing that door.

The Problem with Offense: How It’s Affecting Your Influence

In today’s world, we’re experts at being offended. When we see something we don’t agree with—big or small, we don’t have a problem letting everybody know, whether via Facebook, Twitter, or word of mouth.


In this age of the internet, being offended over every little thing is easier and more acceptable than ever before. In fact, it seems some people exist on Facebook for the sole purpose of seeking out things to gripe about. And the problem is—most of us never stop to think about what this type of offense is doing to our influence.

The 5 Types of Goals You Should be Setting if You Want to Succeed in 2016

Yeah, I know we’re more than halfway through January; all that goal-setting talk is behind us. We’ve moved on and most of us have already lost excitement over our New Year’s resolutions. We’re all caught up in life and whatnot.


Goals are important—and not just to chat about on New Year’s Eve. If you want to truly nail it and have the impact you dream of, goal-setting can’t end in January.

11 Tips that Will Make Your Writing Shine

Whether you’re creating content for your blog or working on a new book, you’re got to admit something—writing, especially good writing—is hard. And it doesn’t help that we writers are usually somewhat perfectionist.

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We all want to stand out, don’t we? To rise above the noise of this world and make an impact. We want our voices to be heard. But with all the clutter and grime in today’s society, how will we ever break through and shine?

1 Simple Tip to Help You Do Your Best Work Consistently

Putting out quality work is a high priority for committed creatives and we often find ourselves under a lot of pressure, striving to do our best work—not just sometimes, but every day. And it’s not always easy.

best work consistently

Creating valuable content on a regular basis can be a struggle. Whether you attribute it to writer’s block, lack of inspiration, or lack of motivation, it often feels like an uphill battle. But usually, you’re fighting something completely different.

6 Ways Reading Fiction Will Inspire You to Live Bigger

In this culture, we’re okay with living small. We don’t like risks—especially if those risks may end up costing or hurting us. It’s scary to step out too far, so we rarely do. Living small is comfortable.


It’s difficult to break out of the mediocrity of small living: the comfort zone. Yet deep down, we long for more. For adventure. We thirst for a bigger purpose, and so we turn to stories.

What’s Killing Your Creativity? Hint: It’s Probably Not What You Think

We all have those days, right? The days when we feel anything but creative, and instead end up exhausted, burnt out, and unmotivated. I’ve had quite a few of those days recently, and they’re tough. It’s hard to get past the dead-zone and get to work.

What's Killing Your Creativity

Feeling unmotivated is one of the most frustrating and discouraging things we face as creatives. I mean, we want to do our best work, after all, don’t we? So what’s the problem? What’s causing this void in the creative well?