The Silence in the Wild

Life is crazy, isn’t it? Another day of rushing here and running there; trying to keep up with your social life and meet all those looming deadlines. It’s all just…wild.

The slience

Sometimes in the midst of the wild, we get worn down. If you’re an introvert like me, maybe you get socially overextended. (Maybe extroverts sometimes do too? I wouldn’t know.) Keeping up gets hard, and the crazy thing is that most of us are keeping up with far more than we need to.

Thunderstorms and Self-Imposed Demand

It rained here in Kansas City the other night. And by rained, I mean—it poured. Sheets and sheets of blinding rain accompanied by the most spectacular lightening display I’ve ever seen. And do you know what my first thought was? “I should film this and put it on Instagram!”

Isn’t that sad?

And yes, that was my second thought. The demand we put upon ourselves to “keep up” and to share our lives on social media is insane. Completely and totally wild.

We feel the need—yes, need—to be connected all the time, with every detail of our lives. And that pressure drives us to demand far more of ourselves than is healthy. Instead of a tool, social media becomes a lifeline.

The Silent Moments

After I realized this, I turned off my phone. Then I turned off all the lights and opened the blinds to watch the storm. And I thought, “This is my moment. Not someone else’s.”

In our socially over-connected society, I think that we give away too much of ourselves too freely. And while I love social media and find it to be an invaluable tool, there are moments that belong only to me. You have moments that belong only to you. Keep them.

These are the silent moments. The moments when you don’t have to worry about the clutter and upkeep of life and instead you can just live and enjoy the moment.

Finding Silence

Maybe you’re feeling overextended and you’re craving the silence. Wishing for a moment of peace in the midst of the madness, but you don’t know where to find it.

Well, the truth is that you can’t find it.

You can’t find silence, because the silent moments are the ones that hide beneath the pressure of your self-imposed demands.

You can’t find silence, but you can create it. Silence is a choice. It’s the moment when you say to yourself, “I don’t need to film this storm. Instagram doesn’t need another picture of rain or another video of lightening.”

Because at the end of the day, these moments—the silent moments when you choose to unplug—are the ones that matter the most. No amount of “likes” or comments will fulfill you the way that silence will. Don’t believe me? Just try it sometime.

Today I’m posing a challenge: take a moment. Capture it. Not with your camera or your phone, but with your mind. Embrace it. Make the choice to find the silence in the wild.

Do you struggle with finding silence? What demands to you impose on yourself? How have silent moments inspired or impacted you?

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8 thoughts on “The Silence in the Wild

  1. Lovely post, Emily. And that storm was pretty terrible. I mean it was cool, but we were driving through it and so that was kind of terrifying. The lightning was constant and the rain was hard. But I did maybe have the thought of taking a picture or video or something. Instead, I ended up calling my dad to make sure our house was ok.

    • Yeah, I was driving in the very beginning of it. Not too fun. But when I got home and could actually watch it without thinking, “I hope I don’t hydroplane and die”, it was cool. I love storms, just not being out in them. 😛

  2. You are so right Emily, silence is a choice. I too, have noticed how I feel pressured to share every funny moment, every unique thought, and every new experience online. Social media is a wonderful, wonderful tool for connection, but it can also become an addiction that is truly exhausting. Like with anything, it can be used too much.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I think that one of the reasons social media can be exhausting is the lack of any /real/ connection. It’s handy for keeping up, but not for honestly connecting. Relationships don’t often grow deep over social media, and I think that we sometimes feel that it can be a replacement for human interaction, and it can’t.

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