5 Strategies for Escaping the Comparison Trap

Comparison is a trap. It acts like a vacuum for creativity, sucking the life out of your work. If you’ve been creating things for long, you know what it feels like to be stuck in this vacuum. (I could make a terrible pun here, but I won’t. You’re welcome.)

comparison trap

On Monday, we discussed seven hazards that comparison poses against your work. It can be a deep rut to fall into, and maybe you don’t feel like there’s a way out. Things seem hopeless. But here’s the good news: they’re not.

8 Hazards That Comparison Brings to Your Work

Have you ever sat down to create something and found yourself comparing your work to someone else’s? Maybe they have an incredible eye for photography, or a way with words that inspires readers like nothing else. Maybe they’re super charismatic. Maybe they have a larger following than you do.

Comparison hazards

Comparison. We’ve all done it. Some of us fight it every single day. But others don’t fight it at all; instead, they let it swallow them up and kill their creativity. They allow themselves to wither and suffer in a pain of their own making. Comparison destroys art before it is even created.

The Power in Making Your Passions a Priority

Let me ask you a question. Are you enjoying life? Do you wake up feeling excited, empowered, and happy to be alive? Or do you feel exhausted, stretched thin, and worn down? Maybe you’re waiting for silent moments to come so you can take a break.


We all have those times when life feels overwhelming, but what if there was a way to make that overwhelm the exception instead of the rule? What if you could spend your days feeling empowered and excited instead of worn out?

The Silence in the Wild

Life is crazy, isn’t it? Another day of rushing here and running there; trying to keep up with your social life and meet all those looming deadlines. It’s all just…wild.

The slience

Sometimes in the midst of the wild, we get worn down. If you’re an introvert like me, maybe you get socially overextended. (Maybe extroverts sometimes do too? I wouldn’t know.) Keeping up gets hard, and the crazy thing is that most of us are keeping up with far more than we need to.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Other Blogs

Blogging is not for the lone ranger. It isn’t just you, your laptop, and the crickets—or at least, it shouldn’t be. The blogging life is not a solitary one. In fact, a healthy blog relies heavily on a good community.

invest in other blogs

As a full-time blogger and author, it’s easy for me to get caught up in my own work and meeting my own deadlines. Sometimes I get holed up and forget to reach out to other bloggers. But you know what happens then? My work and my creativity suffer.

10 Reasons Why I’m Geeking Out About Periscope (And Why You Should Be Too)

I don’t normally geek out about things. I mean, let’s just be honest; I’m not that techy, and it takes me months to download updates for my computer or my iPhone. Most of the time, I really don’t care that much. And frankly, Periscope was the last thing I ever thought I’d geek out over.

10 Reasons Why I'm Geeking Out About Periscope

For those who don’t know, Periscope is a live-broadcasting social media site that is integrated with Twitter. It allows you to keep up with the people you follow in real time, which is pretty dang cool. If you haven’t already, you should check it out—especially if you are a blogger or entrepreneur.

A Letter for When You Feel Like a Failure

Dear friend,

If you’re here, reading this, you’ve probably said to yourself, “I can’t.” You’ve probably felt like that thing you’re going after is too big to achieve, and that maybe you aren’t the person to do it. You’ve felt like a failure.

A Letter for When

I’ve been there. Quite recently, as a matter of fact. I’ve felt discouraged, inadequate, and overwhelmed, just like you. We all have. It’s a part of life that we all face, and even if you don’t feel that way right now, you will sometime, and I want you to remember something: That thing you care about—it matters. You matter. And even when you feel that you may not be the person to do it, you are. Because you care.