Mockingjay: Part I [A Dreaming Hobbit Review]

This past Saturday, Sam and I and my Dad went to see Mockingjay. I’m not normally one to go to movies on opening weekend (anything Middle-Earth related aside, of course), but we were all pretty excited for this movie, and held high expectations for it.


I recently talked about a perspective that I think a lot of people overlook in the Hunger Games trilogy. Mockingjay is a very different story from the first two films, but it fits with what I was talking about perfectly. The dynamics are different, and the characters have changed; yes. Everything that was familiar in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire is broken down with the arrival of the Mockingjay. But the movie finds success in carrying the same deep, meaningful themes that are often passed over in the previous films and expanding on them.

 *Spoiler Alert: Proceed at Own Risk

How to Write When You Don’t Want To

I don’t feel like writing today. In fact, this post is making me cringe. Today has been a worse-than-typical Monday, and we all know what that’s like. Your brain just freezes up, and you don’t feel like working at all.



But whether you feel like it or not, you’ve got deadlines to meet. So you’ve got to write. (How many of you NaNo’ers know what I’m talking about right now?) Sometimes your fountain of creativity feels like a dry well bottom, and writing or creating anything becomes a total grind. But how do we fix this?

Interview: Allison Tjaden, Costume Designer and Seamstress

Today I have the opportunity to introduce my sister, Allison Tjaden, and talk to her about her recently-launched costume business, Firefly Closet, where you can order custom-made outfits and accessories in all sorts of styles, colors, and genres.


Hi, Allison! Welcome to Dreaming Hobbit, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a sixteen-year-old Christian girl.  I’ve been homeschooled all my life, and I love crafting!  I spend a lot of my spare time doing it.

Steampunk Earrings – DIY Tutorial by Ellana Turrell

Hey, folks! I’m taking a break from writing-related posts in order to have my friend, Ellana back on the blog today to show you guys how to make some awesome looking steampunk jewelry. I hope you all enjoy her tips, and feel free to check out her other tutorials at Bright’s Wanderings!


steampunk earrings1

Who Are We in the Hunger Games?

Who else is excited for Mockingjay? I have pretty high expectations for it myself, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it. I’ll be sad if it goes downhill. The Hunger Games trilogy has some great and very thought-provoking themes. But I’m not sure everybody thinks about them.

Lately, I’ve been taking notice of some interesting things. As the release of Mockingjay approaches, I’ve done a review of the entire series; the stories, the characters, the themes, and how it has impacted people. And it’s led me to ask the question, who are we?

Blogger Recognition Award

Hi, guys! I’m doing a bonus post today, because my friend Ashley, over at Colorful, Creative Cards nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. (Thank you, Ashley!) By the way, you should all check out her website. She’s got some pretty cute designs.

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6 Ways to Make Ordinary Protagonists Extraordinary

We like stories about extraordinary people. Why do you think we have superheroes? We like to see impossible people do impossible things. It’s exciting, because we know we could never do that. But you know what’s more exciting than that? Watching people just like us do extraordinary things.


Superheroes have a lot going for them, but they are missing one key element: they’re not relatable, because they aren’t ordinary. People like to read stories about people just like them. Why? Because ordinary people want to be heroes.